99 Essential Restaurants 2014

Golden Deli

photo by Danny Liao

Golden Deli is now just over three decades young, or, to put in perspective, the same age as a Millennial. That it has not only survived but thrived, in a part of town that sees restaurants open and close with alarming regularity, is testament to its dependability, which rivals that of your old Civic. No matter what your age, the bowls of pho here are always comforting, as is the chicken curry served with bánh mì or steamed rice. And, of course, those egg rolls: search for #chagio on Instagram, and you’ll very likely pull up at least one photo of the restaurant’s amber, cigar-sized egg rolls. With the possible exception of the ones your family makes at home, these are the best you’ll find in L.A. County. More recently, the restaurant introduced cupcakes — yes, cupcakes — to its menu; as is the style these days, these are sometimes topped with things like Fruity Pebbles. Will you Instagram them, too? Probably. But not before posting a photo of that egg roll. Hashtag: best.

-- Tien Nguyen