99 Essential Restaurants 2014

The Corner Place

photo by Danny Liao

You may wonder why this restaurant is called the Corner Place, because it isn’t on a corner; it’s smack in the middle of a narrow strip mall, flanked by a Latino market and a panadería. Barbecue lovers don’t let that stop them — big servings of delicious barbecue have won the casual Korean eatery a steadfast following. Get the galbi (boneless beef short ribs) or bulgogi (thin-sliced beef tenderloin). Both are marinated to perfection rather than overloaded with soy sauce and sugar. Although the meat comes with plenty of banchan, you should definitely order the famous cold noodle soup, dong chi mi gook su, or, as the Corner Place calls it simply, “cold noodle in soup.” The slim, slippery noodles float in light clear broth along with sliced green onion, cucumber and jalapeños. The broth is based on North Korean kimchi, but the flavor is delicate and slightly sweet, not strong like most kimchi. Don’t ask for any more details because the recipe is secret.

-- Barbara Hansen