Bludso's | 99 Essential Restaurants 2015


photo by Anne Fishbein

Bludso’s has been the definitive standard for Texas-style barbecue in L.A. for years now, mainly on account of its meltingly tender brisket, which when fresh out of the smoker is nothing but pure, meaty bliss. Earlier this year, Bludso’s knocked down a wall to expand its ordering and waiting area, meaning we all have a bit more elbow room as we wait in line and ponder which proteins and sides to get as part of the two-meat dinner combo. Whatever you order, it will arrive steaming in a take-out box with slices of bread thoughtfully wrapped in paper towels. You can feast on it at one of the patio tables near the smokers in the back or you can, as most folks do, get back into your car and hurry home to eat. That is, if you do actually wait to get home to eat: Even folks with the strongest of wills are unable to drive back up the 710 without sneaking in a few bites from the box warming the passenger seat. Pro tip: Bludso’s usually tosses in a Handi Wipe or two with each order, for times such as this. —Tien Nguyen