Dai Ho Kitchen | 99 Essential Restaurants 2015

Dai Ho Kitchen

photo by Clarissa Wei

For 3½ hours each day during lunch, Dai Ho Kitchen in Temple City serves what can only be described as life-altering noodles. They are soft, slurpable and slightly stretchy, formed by hand each morning and sold out by early afternoon. You can order them in a murky, long-simmered beef broth speckled with chile oil, smothered in creamy sesame sauce, or topped with ground pork and fermented bean paste. That’s essentially the menu (outside of the deli containers of pickled items filling the refrigerator case), as it has unflinchingly remained for almost two decades. Are owners May and Jim Ku the original noodle Nazis, as some customers have joked? Put it this way — they were doing the “substitutions politely declined” thing long before it was cool. —Garrett Snyder