Golden Deli | 99 Essential Restaurants 2015

Golden Deli

photo by Danny Liao

By now, you know about Golden Deli. You know about its egg rolls (still the best in Los Angeles County). You know about its pho (no longer the best, still considerably more than serviceable when it’s sweater weather). You know about its operating hours (closed on Wednesdays; you may know this, but it doesn’t mean you’ll remember it). You know, in other words, that Golden Deli is as reliable as your old Honda Civic, the quintessential Vietnamese restaurant that specializes in generalities, meaning it’s the place to go when you and your buddies want a little bit of everything: pho, bun, egg rolls, egg noodles. It’s not without reason, then, that folks have been lining up here for more than three decades now. And likely will continue to do so for decades more. —Tien Nguyen