Myung In Dumplings | 99 Essential Restaurants 2015

Myung In Dumplings

photo by Danny Liao

If ever you doubted the immense influence of Tony Bourdain, head on over to Myung In Dumplings, the fantastic Korean dumpling house that used to be the subject of one of L.A.’s great mysteries: Why, when these handmade dumplings are so damn delicious, was no one ever in the dining room? The place is empty no more: Since Bourdain stopped by for the Koreatown episode of “Parts Unknown,” business has been much brisker. Bourdain, of course, only reiterated what many of us already knew: Even if you were to take all the Chinese and Japanese dumplings in L.A. into account, Myung In’s various fried, steamed and soup-immersed dumplings rank among the city’s best. There’s spicy soup and fried rice to fill out the offerings, but take your cues from Mr. Bourdain, who is smiling down at you from a huge photograph on the wall: Order the large steamed mandu, and glory in the experience, which is much like eating a doughy, pork-filled softball. —Besha Rodell