Park's BBQ | 99 Essential Restaurants 2015

Park's BBQ

photo by Anne Fishbein

Of the handful of chefs in Los Angeles who make meat their primary objects of attention, Jenee Kim ranks among the best. Since her Park’s BBQ opened in 2003, a huge number of KBBQ joints have opened; still, Park’s is the standard to which others are compared. Indeed, few places source the same quality meat, with the same level of service, that Park’s does, so much so that it is perhaps the closest thing to a fine-dining restaurant that a Korean BBQ joint can be. Your tabletop grill will sizzle with stellar prime rib-eye and Wagyu ribs, as well as the juicy marinated galbi. The meat alone could feed a small army, but you’ll also probably want the dinner plate–sized egg pancake, studded with rock shrimp and vegetables and cooked till the edges are a lovely crisp. Yes, all the very high-quality meat and ingredients means Park’s is considerably more expensive than the other KBBQ places within walking distance from this corner of Olympic and Vermont. But it’s also leaps and bounds better. —Tien Nguyen