Surati Farsan Mart | 99 Essential Restaurants 2015

Surati Farsan Mart

photo by Danny Liao

Any kid who grew up making weekend trips to Pioneer Boulevard will fondly recall dragging their parents into Surati Farsan Mart, the enormously popular Gujarati shop that has been serving all manners of sweets and treats in Artesia since 1986. Because how could that front counter, filled with all sorts of multicolored goodies, such as the sweet tal papri and cubes of barfi, not attract every sweets-loving kid on the block? But before sweets, as many a parent has said at Surati, eat a few things of substance from the long menu of chaat and snacks. Maybe a dosa, which is as long as a wizard’s wand and can be ordered plain or filled with onions and potatoes. Or the delicate shells filled with beans and potatoes called pani puri, which explode with flavor when eaten, and the crunchy rice puff mix known as bhel puri. And then, yes, kids: It’ll be time for dessert. —Tien Nguyen